Bufo Coalescing in Unified Field with Origami Lotus –Graphite/Paper 20 1/4”x 27 3/4”

Bufo Coalescing - Richard Jacobi Drawings
Potential inherent in the background ‘Unified Field’ manifests as consciousness in physical form as a toad.

‘Bufo’ is the scientific name for toad. ‘Coalescence’ is a description of the process that fuses energy into matter, the toad. ‘Unified Field’ can be variously defined as a union of classical and quantum physics, potentiality, consciousness and so forth. The flat folded-up origami lotus at lower left transitions to a 3-dimensionally rendered lotus at right, symbolizing a multiplicity of dimensions. The lotus also symbolizes consciousness manifested as explicit form. The lotus seed pod and the toad’s warts relate visually to the ‘Unified Field’ suggesting that they come directly from it.