Fat Dog Contemplates Cosmic Road Hazards – Graphite/Paper, 27”x 37”

Fat Dog - Richard Jacobi
The biker, Fat Dog, sits on a Harley carburetor in the midst of his intense worldview. He gets a handle on his environment with a little help from reason implicit in a right triangle.

The Iguana attempts to hold Fat Dog to the earth but the biker has passed on and now exists in a mythological world. His halo is the spring-loaded kick-starter from a Harley engine, the moon a carburetor cover. A master chain link is the skeleton’s lumbar vertebrae, an eternal fusion with the bike. The stag beetle bites an old injury on the biker’s leg. Its own legs are a tool kit. The chicken wearing a tennis shoe is a nightmare, a terrible image the biker must hold at bay. The toad is the biker’s fat little friend. Shaking hands with the skeleton is a memento mori. Sturgis, of course, is a singular goal.